My Favorite Free (and Paid) Resources for Learning Front-end Development

The following are my absolute favorite free (and paid) resources for learning Front-end Development.

Free Front-end Development Resources


My main coding curriculum for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Only a couple months after completing the Responsive Web Design Certification, I landed a job coding emails.

Link: freeCodeCamp

The #100DaysOfCode Challenge and Community

Probably the most interactive and supportive community of coding students on Twitter.

My handle is @connorocampo. Feel welcome to give me a follow.

Link: 100DaysOfCode

GitHub and GitHub Pages

GitHub Link: GitHub

GitHub Pages Link: GitHub Pages


Link: Scrimba


Link: W3Schools

YouTube Channels

These are some of the channels that have helped me build projects and understand coding concepts.

Bonus YouTube Channel

The Lofi Girl Music Channel is what I listen to while I need to focus on learning or coding. It's mostly chill/hip-hop/instrumental beats.

Jon Ducket Bookset

These are the only paid items I've personally used to build my foundation for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Front-end Development.

Link: Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Set