What I Use

Important tools that help me think and work better.

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Having the right tools is important for many reasons. They can help you work more efficiently and more comfortably, which makes the whole experience of getting work done much more enjoyable.

Over the years, I've familiarized myself with all kinds of tools in all kinds of price ranges starting from the bottom and working my way up as my income/savings grew.

This year, 2021, is the year where I believe I've built (over time) the perfect work-from-home setup.

Here is a list of tools I use in my workspace:

Right now, short of owning a home with a home office in it, this is my perfect work-from-home setup. These are the tools that allow me to think and work better.

Should I find new tools that will improve my evolving mission to think and work better, I will be sure to add them here.